OPENING RECEPTION “Through Time” at Andrew Durham Gallery

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OPENING RECEPTION “Through Time” at Andrew Durham Gallery

June 22 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


EXHIBIT ON VIEW JUNE 22 – AUGUST 18, 2024: Andrew Durham Gallery presents “Through Time” featuring works by artists Jill Bedgood, Carter Ernst, Bill Haveron, Jeff Jennings, Kelli Scott Kelly, Scott Madison, Steve Murphy, Becky Newsom, Ann Stautberg, Bob Russell and Frank X. Tolbert 2.

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM offers  attendees a first look at the exhibition, an opportunity to meet the artists, and engage in enlightening conversations about the works on display. Complimentary refreshments will be served during the event.

The “Through Time” exhibition will showcase how the artists’ individual perspectives and techniques have evolved over the years. This includes contemporary paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, and more. The diversity in medium and style reflects the myriad ways in which time has influenced and shaped artistic expression.

Jill Bedgood draws inspiration from her life experiences and places a strong emphasis on preserving objects through memorialization. By exploring the cyclical nature of life in her art, she evokes nostalgic sentiments that prompt viewers to reflect on their memories and contemplate their mortality.

Carter Ernst finds comfort in the immediacy of clay, Ernst uses her sculpture creations to convey the beauty and urgency of nature while injecting a sense of humor necessary as a coping mechanism for navigating the complexities of the world.

Bill Haveron develops stories that draw from his imagination and contain subtle moral lessons. His art transports audiences to a fantastical realm where animals and plants possess human-like qualities and profound insights. Haveron’s pieces encourage viewers to engage with the alternate reality he has crafted, offering both entertainment and opportunities for reflection.

Jeff Jennings’ work seamlessly integrates architectural elements and geometric shapes, resulting in playful compositions that captivate the viewers’ eye. Through his use of color, Jennings creates visually striking pieces that are dynamic and evoke intrigue.

Kelli Scott Kelley has been painting and collaging, using vintage linens and other repurposed fabric supports, which allows for a more ecological art making practice. Her pieces are inspired by the personal, psychological and the sociopolitical. Kelley is moved by the exquisite beauty in the world, as well as the absurdity and ugliness. Her art practice is a means to mine and express deep truths about the impending demise of the natural world.

Scott Madison is a sculptor who makes custom boxes, furniture and lamps from various metals including aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel. He meticulously constructs his sculptures, paying careful consideration to the texture, shape, and composition of each piece.

Steve Murphy engages in the classical elements of sculpture, form, volume, surface and edge. His body of work is the result of a continued reductive investigation of those sculptural elements.

Becky Newsom creates sculpted painted canvases that result in intricate and delicate works of art that capture the essence of organic forms.

Ann Stautberg photography largely stems from her home, she photographs the sky and botanical silhouetted shapes as her garden is an ongoing source of inspiration. Each photograph is printed with archival inks onto stretched canvas, she then tints the pieces with translucent photographic oils by hand.

Bob Russell is fascinated with the complex issues that make up one’s everyday life, and the simple beauty one finds in nature when the time is taken to observe these things. Whether it’s a daunting cloud formation before a spring storm, or an autumnal field of rust-colored grasses that line the highway blowing in the wind, the intricate patterns on the backs of dragonfly larvae, or errant marks made on freeway exits by truckers, as the tires try to stay the course.

Frank X. Tolbert 2 artistic career is marked by his ability to mix various mediums, techniques, and themes seamlessly. His works often delve into the intersection of nature, culture, and human experiences, resulting in visually stunning and thought provoking pieces. Through his art, Tolbert has consistently pushed boundaries, challenging conventional norms and inviting viewers to engage in a deeper dialogue.

GALLERY HOURS:  Wednesday to Saturday, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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