OPENING RECEPTION “Elements of Contrast: A Multi-Sensory Exhibition” at Heights Church by T.E.N. (Tenacious Artists)

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OPENING RECEPTION “Elements of Contrast: A Multi-Sensory Exhibition” at Heights Church by T.E.N. (Tenacious Artists)

June 1 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


EXHIBIT ON VIEW JUNE 1–15, 2024: The Heights Church Artifex Gallery is the venue for the “Elements of Contrast: A Multi-Sensory Exhibition” that features all-inclusive artworks created by seven local women artists: Laura Bennett, Brittany Ellis, Nicole Durham, Nancy Ofori, M E Klesse, Pooja Taneja, Teresa Staley.

An opening reception takes place on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, which includes artist talks.

People who are multi-sensory impaired will have an opportunity to participate again in experiencing art through their senses. The artists are part of an artist collective called T.E.N. (Tenacious Artists).

Visual: A polyptych creative consisting of nine individual 10″x10″ artworks merged to entice and challenge the viewers perspective.

Smell: Welcome the scent of the event with aromas to enhance and lead the viewer through a journey of serenity.

Listen: QR code activation for listeners to scan and enjoy art associated songs, poems, lectures, and/or talks.

Feel: A physical element for guests to experience and touch a variety of textiles.

Taste: Enhance the full exhibition with an appetite to explore.

Exhibition Artists For This Event Include:

Laura Bennett | Traditional Genre Artist – Laura is an artist based in Houston, TX with a primary focus on mural art and custom pieces. The feeling of getting lost in the creation, calming the nervous system down long enough for the hand to start moving intuitively. It’s a quiet and beautiful state that is not always achieved but when it is—it’s the closest thing to magic. When I feel this state, I no longer even feel like me, I feel outside of time, space, and body. My work is the product of that strange magical time.

Nicole Durham | Visual Texture Artist – Nicole began creating textured artworks with caulk as an experimental journey to explore her neglected cultural identities. The nontraditional medium is an industrial, and far more obstinate, material than traditional acrylic products, reconnecting her with ambitious emotions of endurance and sacrifice. Nicole thrives in the struggle, the determination, and the persistence that pressing and sculpting with caulk provides. The porous material draws out the ambiguity of privileged creating, awarding the viewer with dramatic relief and multi-level linear experiences.

Brittany Ellis | Mixed Media Artist – From an early age, Brittany has always been an avid daydreamer imagining she was somewhere other than where she was. As a child, her alphabet sheets were joined by paper doodles of stars and planets, her adult life was filled with post-it doodles during downtime between clients. Whether as a child or as an adult, Brittany searched for an escape from reality through the mystery of space. Space became a secret getaway from difficult times during school as a child and now as an adult with work.

M E Klesse | Abstract Artist – “Everything I know about life I learned from playing “Clue”. Born in the Northeast, they learned early that research is the key to everything. “If you want to understand something, you must seek information, organize the facts and toss out the chaff”. A multi-sensorial artist, with painted works in acrylic, oil and wax; and works in sculpture, assemblage and poetry, they use a variety of techniques to address social issues close to the hearts of local people and world issues affecting us all.

Nancy Ofori | Mixed Media-Textile Artist – Nancy considers herself like her art, both layered and complex. Her inspiration comes from experiences in her day-to-day life – both magnificent and mundane – filtered through the lens of her cultural background. Her process is…not linear, often having several projects going simultaneously. Many of her works are portrait-style large-format thread paintings that blend various fibrous mediums and paint. Others are crafts and décor for the home. Nancy occasionally does props and full-scale set design for special events. No matter the project, the one underlying theme that gives life to them all is her desire to capture and reflect childhood wonder.

Teresa Staley | Old World Realism Artist – Teresa Staley’s art is continually evolving found through life’s experiences, observations, and experimentation with many different mediums. Her greatest joy is to paint, draw, design and create in many different forms without limits. Teresa’s life’s work has been in the arts, this is what drives her and what she knows and love best.

Pooja Murgai Taneja | Abstract Realism – Pooja Murgai Taneja is a talented and visionary artist specializing in the captivating genre of abstract realism. With a unique and innovative approach, she seamlessly combines abstract and the real, creating mesmerizing artworks that challenge the viewer’s perception. Drawing inspiration from the world around us, she explores the hidden beauty found in everyday objects and scenes. Through a masterful use of color, texture, and form, she blurs the boundaries between the tangible and the abstract which is a visual journey that invites viewers to explore their own interpretations and emotions. With a deep passion for experimentation and pushing artistic boundaries, Pooja continues to evolve her artistic journey by constantly exploring new techniques and concepts.


The Heights Church Artifex Gallery
230 W. 20th St.
Houston, 77008 United States
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(713) 862-6655
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