ARTIST RECEPTION “Desert Bloom” at Laura Rathe Fine Art (River Oaks District)

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ARTIST RECEPTION “Desert Bloom” at Laura Rathe Fine Art (River Oaks District)

May 9 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


MAY 9 – JUNE 6, 2024: Laura Rathe Fine Art presents “Desert Bloom,” a reflective three-woman exhibition of Southern-based artists Caprice Pierucci, Lynn Sanders, and Sydney Yeager.

“Desert Bloom” serves as a testament to the talent and ingenuity of these accomplished artists, each of whom brings their own distinctive style and perspective to the forefront. From Pierucci’s intricately carved wood sculptures to Sanders’ layered geometric forms and Yeager’s dynamic abstract oil paintings, the works featured in this exhibition pay homage to a desert landscape after the first rain.

When creating her sculptures, Pierucci’s process is organic with wooden forms developing in relationship to one another as the pieces grow outward into a dynamic composition. The rhythms of the pieces join with one another and create the illusion of beautifully eroded sand dunes. The undulating rhythms of Pierucci’s sculptures are inspired by growth forms and the way the elements grow together over time. They are singular forms coming together and joining other similar forms to create an organic whole. The undulating rhythms in her sculptural forms speak to her of our mortality, and the huge expanses of time that lead to one moment of beauty.

Taking inspiration from the desert as a monochromatic landscape punctuated by flora and fauna, Sanders’ featured paintings pay tribute to the profound connection between artistry and the natural world. Researching the flowers of the desert, Sanders incorporated the hues of the Desert dandelion, Cacti, Agave and Chuparosa. The chaos of unplanned strokes remind her of the randomness and asymmetry of the desert itself.

Yeager’s paintings, like the desert when it blooms, are very immediate. She works spontaneously, often on raw or lightly touched linen, which parallels the arid desert. The brush marks on this sparsely painted surface are like blossoms. The tension between the surface, raw and spare, and the brush marks, rich and luxurious, are reminiscent of the desert when it blooms.

IMAGE CREDIT: “Roaming the Serengeti” by Lynn Sanders, 2024, mixed media on canvas, 60 x 60 x 1.50 in. Photo courtesy of LRFA with permission of the artist

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