Koslov Larsen Gallery

OPENING RECEPTION “Delphine Blast | Mujeres: The Beat of a Wing” at Koslov Larsen

Koslov Larsen Gallery 4411 Montrose Blvd., Ste. C, Houston, TX, United States

ON VIEW MARCH 8 – APRIL 13, 2024: French artist Delphine Blast pays tribute to the indigenous women of Latin America in her show at Koslov Larsen.

"Mujeres: The Beat of a Wing" combines three of the artist's series. "Flowers of the Isthmus" follows the Zapotec women of Tehuantepec. "Cholitas" features the Bolivian cholitas of the plains of the Altiplano. And, her "Dancing Flare" series showcases the bright and colorful spirit of the folklórico dancers of Querétaro, Mexico.


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